Beginner’s Guide to SEOPress

Have you just acquired SEOPress? Congratulations! You will be able to optimize the SEO of your WordPress site without further delay.
Follow our complete guide, from setup to optimizing your traffic and conversions. ⤵️

#1 - Installation of SEOPress

Checking the technical prerequisites, installing our plugins on your WordPress site and activating your license key to receive automatic updates are the first steps to get started with SEOPress.

Goal: install SEOPress

#2 - Configure SEOPress in 5 minutes

Follow our installation wizard to configure the basic settings essential for the proper functioning of SEOPress and for optimizing your SEO.

Quickly migrate your existing post and term metadata from other SEO plugins: Yoast, AIO, The SEO Framework, Rank Math, WP Meta SEO, Squirrly, SEO Ultimate, Premium SEO Pack, wpSEO.

Goal: configure basic settings, migrate to SEOPress

#3 - Promote the exploration of your WordPress site by search engine robots

Help bots explore and understand your site architecture by providing them with an XML sitemap.

To read: Search engines: understanding how they work and knowing how to adapt (doing SEO)

Goal: reduce the crawl budget, optimize exploration

#4 - Optimize content from A to Z with SEOPress

You just wrote your article but is it optimized for Google (or any other search engine)? Our content analysis is here to help. Not to mention our SEO metabox which allows you to individually modify your different metas: title, description, robots, social tags for Facebook, Twitter … and much more.

To read: find the right keywords for your site’s SEO

Goal: content suitable for search engines

#5 - Measure your traffic with Google Analytics or Matomo Cloud

To improve your traffic, you need to start by measuring it. For this, SEOPress makes your life easier by automatically generating and integrating the Google Analytics or Matomo Cloud tracking code on your site.

To read: measuring the performance of an e-commerce site with Google Analytics

Goal: measure to optimize

#6 - Is your WordPress site on Google (and Bing)?

Find out how to add your WordPress site to Google’s index. Measure your performance and detect indexing and crawling errors using the tools offered by Google and Bing.

Goal: your site on Google and Bing

#7 - Optimize your click-through rate on social networks

Create a title and a relevant description for sharing your content on social networks using Open Graph tags (used by Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp …) and Twitter Cards. Dramatically increase your click-through rate by adding a specially formatted image to serving on these social platforms.

Goal: maximize your social presence

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