Enable 301 redirections and 404 monitoring

To do that, go to SEO.

Check the green radio button associated with Redirections.

Refresh your page, a new custom post type called Redirections is now available on your left menu.

Click Add redirection under 404 / 301 (Redirections) custom post type.

Add your url in title field (eg: “permalien-test-404”) without your domain name neither slash before or after.

In SEO metabox, check Enable redirection, choose a redirection type and set a new url (must be in absolute, eg: “https://example.com/test”).

Click Publish.

Add a redirection in SEOPress PRO
Add a redirection in SEOPress PRO

If you want to monitor all your 404 errors, go to SEO, Pro, 404 and check Enable 404 monitoring.

Last modified: May 22, 2019