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SEOPress User Capabilities

Since version 4.6 of SEOPress, you can define using our custom capabilities, which user role has access to a particular plugin configuration screen.

Here is the list of SEOPress capabilities for every settings page:

  • seopress_manage_dashboard
  • seopress_manage_titles_metas
  • seopress_manage_social_networks
  • seopress_manage_xml_html_sitemap
  • seopress_manage_analytics
  • seopress_manage_advanced
  • seopress_manage_bot
  • seopress_manage_license
  • seopress_manage_pro
  • seopress_manage_schemas
  • seopress_manage_tools

You can allow a user to access a specific settings page from SEO, Advanced, Security tab, SEOPress settings pages section.

For each page, check the authorized role then save.

SEOPress capabilities for Redirections post type:

  • delete_others_redirections
  • delete_published_redirections
  • delete_redirections
  • edit_others_redirections
  • edit_redirections
  • publish_redirections
  • read_private_redirections

SEOPress capabilities for Schemas post type:

  • delete_others_schemas
  • delete_published_schemas
  • delete_schemas
  • edit_others_schemas
  • edit_schemas
  • publish_schemas
  • read_private_schemas

To add /remove these capabilities, we recommend the use of User Role Editor (it’s free and available on repository). It’s super easy to apply capabilities on a specific user role.

Once User Role Editor installed and activated, go to Users, User Role Editor.

Select a user role from the list and check the desired capabilities.

Then Update to save the changes.